The author of IMgalery, Ilmārs Medinieks, was born in 1973 in Balvi, Latvia. Already from his childhood, his creativity led him to unremitting explorations of art.  While studying applied arts and environmental design, nature became the chief inspirer through its forms, textures and colours. After graduating Ilmārs has worked in the woodworking business, preparing and processing wood, making saunas, interiors and various types of small architecture improving people's lives and well-being. In recent years, Ilmārs has focused exclusively on artistic self-expression. His work is based on creating sensations - materialising them in contrasting wooden mosaics, paintings in bright and vibrant colours, and also in functional matter - interior decor. The wooden frames created by Ilmārs are both a frame and a continuation of the artwork. . 

IMgalery artwork has its roots in a search for balance... a balance between everyday work and unique self-expression.  Seeking a balance between the rough and the subtle, between the black and white tonality and the colourfulness of life.
The wooden mosaics, their contrasts in colour tones, shape and texture, pleases the eyes when you're looking at the mosaics. However, the material that absorbs the power of nature and life, wood, invites you to touch... to stop... to feel...   

  The search of the balance continues every day. Seeking balance to feel the moment, to feel harmony, to feel the touch of... nature - a tree, blown by the wind, drenched by the rain and warmed by the sun.