The main author of the gallery is nature.
Its fans also participated in the creation of works :)


The creative activity of Ilmars Medinieks has started in search of balance.. Balance between everyday activities and his unique self-expression. Looking for a balance between the rough and the subtle, between the black and white tone and the colorfulness of life.

The wooden mosaics, their contrasts in color tones, shape and texture, open up to the view, looking at the mosaics from a little distance. However, the material that has absorbed the power and life of nature - wood, invites you to touch.. to stop.. to feel..

The basis of Ilmar's works is the creation - materialization of feelings in wooden mosaics saturated with contrasts, paintings of bright and lively colors and also in functional matter - interior decorations. The wooden frames created by Ilmar are both ,a framework and a continuation of the work of art.

Ilmars Medinieks' creative activity began at the Rēzekne Applied Arts High School. After that, long and active years were spent in the business , until the search for self-expression was started again. Ilmars developed and mastered his skills  while studying environmental design at Rēzekne University of Applied Sciences,  in separate courses and through self-study.  In recent years, Ilmars has focused only on artistic self-expression. Based on the practical experience of working with wood material, the wood material is currently being revived in beautiful, emotional works of art.

The search for balance continues every day. Looking for balance, to feel the moment, to feel the harmony, to feel the touch of .. a part of nature - the wood, blown by the wind, soaked in the coolness of the rain and warmed by the sun.

From 2019 to 2022, Ilmārs has participated in five solo exhibitions in LV with his works.