Nature, is indeed, the only book where every page is filled with important content

/Johann Wolfgang von Goethe/

Our marquetry is inspired by nature. It is based on natural colours and textures. These works are created by protecting the chief inspirer – nature, therefore we allow the natural materials to be reborn.

By decorating the interior with marquetry, you let the touch of the sun, the wind and the rain enter the room… the touch that has caressed the trees for tens and hundreds of years. The natural materials used for marquetry will bring harmony to the interior, thus giving it the magic of the force of nature and beauty.

By choosing our marquetry you will express your socially responsible attitude towards the protection of the environment.

We invite you to have a relaxing tour through our virtual gallery. You can get more information on marquetry and the ways to purchase it by double-clicking on the image.

The I.M. gallery is a virtual gallery, where you can observe and purchase interior decorations – marquetry.

The author of these works, Ilmārs Medinieks, was born in 1973 in Balvi, Latvia. Already from his childhood, his creativity led him to unremitting explorations.

While studying applied arts and environmental design, nature became the chief inspirer through its forms, textures and colours.

Thus all of this, with the necessity to protect this source of beauty – nature, became the basis for marquetry.